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Patient Communication Report

Prepare a report on patient-nurse communication in which you include the following:

1 – Describe the types of communication that take place between nurses and clients/patients. Do not forget to consider types of communication beyond verbal and written on paper.

2 – Explain the factors that influence positive and negative experiences during the communication process. (Hint: Consider the experiences of both the client/patient and the nurse. Also, consider things such as age, gender, culture, and so on, of both the client/patient and the nurse.)

3 – Explain how the client/patient experience can impact health care outcomes.

4 – Recommend evidence-based strategies for improving communication between client/patients and nurses.

5 – Explain how the strategies consider different client/patient demographics. Format this assessment as a report that you would give to your supervisor. It may be helpful for you to review how your organization formats internal reports and incorporate your findings.

Additional Requirements Include:

A title page and a reference page. Ensure your assessment is 3–4 pages in length. Use double-spaced, 12-pt., Times New Roman font. Make sure to make headings, so that we know when you are discussing items 1-5. You are still required to adhere to APA guidelines for in-text citations and references, as well as for formatting your reference page. Use 3 references published in the last 5 years

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