• Speech writing requires a lot of skills.
• Establishing a critical balance between the time availed for the speech and the depth of the speech.
• Choosing the content of the speech is the most critical in writing a speech.

There are factors that can make the process of speech writing to be difficult; the passion to portray, the content of the message, and the occasion when delivering the speech pose a greater challenge. Therefore to write a good speech then one must have excellent speech writing skills for the speech to meet the desired objective. Some of the skills include appropriate mixing of words that makes pronunciation easy to the reader plus choosing the right content are major factors to consider.

The other factors that must also be put into consideration in speech writing are the time limit, the target audience, the tone appropriate for the speech, plus the structure. The writer should not forget that there are also other elements of speech writing that are equally essential to speech writing.

Apart from the mentioned elements, when writing speech you should portray your strong side and not to touch on the moments that might depict your bad side as this might have a negative impact especially to the audience. All in all, there is hope for those who still might find speech writing to be a hard task; is here to help with any speech writing task!


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• It is important to be as creative and imaginative as possible. ,
• Apply various speech writing techniques that will attract the attention of the audience.
• Lastly, it is important to choose a language that is captivating, sophisticated and relevant to the audience.

Framing is a critical aspect in speech writing. A well-organized speech is usually perceived by the audience. A good speech writing process entails focusing on the most important moments of the topic instead of the boring and the unnecessary moments. Including jokes in the middle of speech is also another way of connecting with the audience. Success and achievement of your objectives depends on good speech writing styles.

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