• An integral summary of students’ lab activities.
• It is a piece of writing with specific organizational and structural rules.
• An important piece of writing especially in research intensive studies since it has a specific structure that helps students to record their data.
• A neat, organized, and accurate recording of a lab experiment.

Even though a student may be good in a practical session in a lab, the vital part is the grading, which depends on the clarity of the lab report. Title page, introduction, materials, methods, data, results, analysis, conclusions, figures, and graphs plus all the references are some of the sections of lab report writing. It is always important when one is writing a lab report to give full details about the lab activities that were carried out. The following should be included on the title page of your lab report; name of the student, instructor’s name, the commencing date of the experiment among other information. In any case, you are experiencing challenges with lab report writing, seek assistance from


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• Concentrate on the subject of the lab report and avoid any form of destruction.
• Lab report writing must be based on the scientific research or experiment and should not be literature oriented. Consequently, therefore, the students should be knowledgeable on how to conduct the experiment.
• Write a short and detailed description of the experiment.

Students are required to define the purpose and make an outline containing the main ideas before writing a lab report. The report should be unique and clear and should not have unnecessary information. Writing of the report should begin early enough before the submission date to offer room for revision and necessary changes. Do not forget to include your suggestions and ideas in the report and support them with reliable data. The citation style should be strictly adhered to in the body of the report and the referencing section. There are a lot of samples of lab report on many different websites, but it is not advisable to deliver such work as it may be plagiarized. Nonetheless, there is hope for the students who feel that they lack the experience and time to do all these by themselves. The best option is to order a lab report at