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June 8, 2018
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June 8, 2018
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Art Definition

Write two full paragraphs to respond (one paragraph for each question

“The scholar Marshall McLuhan (1911-80) reportedly said that ‘Art is anything you can get away with.’ Some people believe that art is whatever an artist says it is. Others contend that art is a vision of human reality expressed in a particular medium and shared with others. What do you agree or disagree with in these definitions? Try to formulate your own definition” (Sporre 36).

2. “The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (see p. 27) divided the arts into ‘high art’ and ‘low art.’ In terms of the arts of the twenty-first century, how would such a division apply? What reasons might there be, today, to separate ‘popular culture from ‘art’?” (Sporre 36). ****For information on Aristotle’s philosophy, you may find it useful to visit this link:

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